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I went to Hower Lodge for 31 days, and I was a hot mess when I entered their treatment facility. The staff there - Chet, Lisa and Theresa were very accommodating. I had been to six rehabs in 2017 so my insurance was pretty much done with me. They took me in even though my insurance was insisting I only do intensive outpatient. They treated me like a human being, and let me stay out of the kindness of their hearts. Everyday I got stronger, they gave me the confidence that I am worth sobriety. The staff brought my spirits up, and helped me to find my spirituality as well as the tools I needed to stick with it.

The rehab is in a beautiful house in the Mountains, and had plenty of food to eat. They did whatever they could to make sure I was comfortable. When I finished detoxing- mind you the detox was perfect, I didn't feel sick or uncomfortable, and they paced me exactly how the Doctor said to. I started working on core issues that needed to be addressed. I found my strength here, and the staff cheered me on the whole way. I am still sober today with 52 days! Hower Lodge saved my life. Chet, Lisa and Theresa (my counselor) took time to help me realize that I am worth living, they fought with me for my recovery. This place, in my opinion, is the best rehabilitation facility I have ever been too. I highly recommend to anyone struggling with addiction and alcoholism to go here. The meetings and fellowship the staff takes you to are so friendly and welcoming. Hower Lodge is an awesome facility and I am forever grateful that they took me in, dealt with my issues and crazy thought, were patient with me, and gave me confidence. 


Thank you Hower Lodge! Lisa, Chet and Theresa I owe you guys my life!

~ Micheala B.

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