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Lake Arrowhead, CA
Hower Lodge " The Lodge"
Canoe on the Lake
Pinto Horse
Chet and Lisa Hower
Lake Arrowhead Village
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Lake Arrowhead Deck View
Lake Arrowhead Sunset
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At Hower Lodge, we are a small inpatient rehabilitation center which separates us from other treatment facilities in a couple of ways. The first and most noticeable difference is the intimacy of care at Hower Lodge. There are several reasons this is important in an addiction treatment facility. First, you will work with and see your counselor every day. Our client/counselor ratio is such that counselors do not have an unmanageable workload. This allows them to spend more time collaborating with residents on goals and objectives that are reachable, as well as relevant to each individual person's recovery. In other words, residents are going to actively participate in their recovery with the assistance and support of licensed professionals who have gone through the recovery process themselves. The program includes groups throughout the day focusing on different topics and how they relate to each individual’s personalized treatment plan. We believe not only in putting in the work necessary to better ourselves, but that learning to have fun during recovery is an essential aspect of maintaining success once you leave here. Secondly, you will see a therapist once per week to further discuss and process issues that residents feel they need the most assistance with related to their addiction. Finally, the intimate set-up of Hower Lodge creates a powerful, loving and caring setting where all judgments are left at the door, so residents can recover in a safe, compassionate environment.

As a rehab center, Hower Lodge places importance on the resident’s free will during their recovery. There is no requirement to stay except for an individual’s desire to put in the work necessary for healing and recovery. When it is time to leave, each resident will be provided with a plan of action for sustained success. The nature of relationships formed while in treatment means that you will continue to have a support network after you have graduated. Cultivating each individual’s desire and free will to get better becomes essential to building habits that contribute to your continued success after leaving treatment.

Hower Lodge is based on the 12 Step program, and thus puts an emphasis on the importance of spirituality in recovery. Brené Brown defines spirituality as, “recognizing and celebrating that we are all inextricably connected to each other by a power greater than all of us, and that our connection to that power and to one another is grounded in love and compassion. Practicing spirituality brings a sense of perspective, meaning and purpose to our lives.” She goes on to explain that “without exception, spirituality – the belief in connection, a power greater than self, and interconnections grounded in love and compassion – emerged [from my research] as a component of resilience.” Refining and strengthening resilience of residents prepares them to use healthy coping skills in order to deal with stress, as opposed to using drugs or alcohol to cope with difficult events in life.

We look forward to being part of your recovery journey!

12 Step Program

Hower Lodge Treatment Facility

Addiction Treatment Rehab and Recovery

Hower Lodge is a spacious 3,200 square foot custom home nestled in a serene mountain setting. 



Equine Therapy Treatment

We believe in teaching individuals the importance of replacing old behaviors by creating new interests and healthy activities.

Services & Amenities

Addiction Rehab Treatment and Recovery Center

Hower Lodge provides the comfort of home as well as resort style amenities. We are set apart through the combination of the facility intimacy, selected clients and the individuals providing service.

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