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Detox and Residential Services


Clients are provided a safe and clean medical detox in our sub-acute detox facility. Clients are provided a semi-private room sharing with one other client. The facility radiates positive healing, in a serene environment ideal for addiction withdrawal. The client can expect full time around the clock trained addiction professionals and 24-hour access to medical staff for recovery. Hower Lodge believes in a comfortable detox for each client, bringing the client to complete abstinence on an individual basis based on medical needs and history. Every client can expect their detox program to be designed specifically for them.


Clients are provided with a Master treatment plan in which they design for themselves along with the suggestion of the treatment team. Clients are encouraged to take ownership in their recovery program and future goals. Each client is provided with a certified addiction counselor and a licensed addiction therapist. Hower Lodge is small enough to provide daily one on one with the client’s needs being met in a timely manner.  The program consists of groups that foster recovery principles and provide the necessary life skills the client will need for long term recovery. At Hower Lodge we personally show the client how to maintain long term recovery by daily attendance at AA/NA meetings, seeking sponsorship, and working through the 12 Step program while the client is in treatment.


Adventure therapy is the use of adventure-based activities. At Hower Lodge we believe that recovery must be taken serious, however having fun in recovery is paramount or the client won’t stay. We show clients how to have fun in recovery without the use of alcohol/drugs. Hower Lodge provides Equine Therapy, Hiking, Camping, Concerts, Kayaking, Fishing, Meditation, Yoga, Dance, Wilderness and Spirituality Treks and attending AA/NA Conventions. The adventure program is designed to help individuals face and overcome emotional issues, addiction and behavioral problems. Adventure therapy fosters improvement in cooperation, working as a team, facing fears, overcoming obstacles and healthy decision making. We assist clients in rediscovering their passion, dreams and goals.


Hower Lodge provides weekly: Canvas Needlepoint, Canvas Painting, Rock Painting, Crochet, Jewelry Making, God Boxes, Painting Bird Houses, Pillow Making and Collages.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Motivational Interviewing

Strengths Based Therapy

Client Centered Therapy

Integrative Therapy


12 Step Program

Relapse Prevention

Boundary Setting

Attachment Theory

Grounding Techniques

Self-Care Strategies

Anxiety/Depression Psychoeducation

Family Dynamics

Emotional Regulation

Healthy Coping Skills




Fitness and Nutrition

Mindfulness, Breathing, Awareness

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